Ryan Gosling is Womb Trembling Fine


Reasons why some Movies should have Super Hot Babe Disclaimers.

All my girlfriends told me to watch the move Crazy Stupid Love saying it was actually pretty good and that Ryan Gosling is a huge babe in the movie. Well the movie sucked but the latter is true. Holy F is it true. How good looking can a person be? Special effects must have been used because that kind of good lookingness is not normal. It can’t be normal. How is that normal? There should be a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie not for scenes involving nudity and scenes of a sexual nature but for pre, post or menstruating woman to breathe deeply and remain calm during scenes involving Ryan Gosling. I know my reaction is that of hundreds of thousands of other women who watched this film. “He’s such a babe, I can’t deal..OMG. Who is he dating? I think it’s Eva Medes. What a (insert horrific word synonymous to tramp) What’s so great about her? Oh wait she’s also an insane mega babe, not to mention also a huge celebrity and a half decent actress. Crap.”

So only chicks like Eve Mendes gets to date Ryan Gosling. Fine. The only thing that makes me feel a bit better about that is that the movie wasn’t good. At all. Well that’s not totally true. There was a totally tender and fun scene with Emma Stone and Gosling. Every female watching that scene was enjoying the romance of it all while simultaneously having overwhelming thoughts of murderous rage towards Miss Stone. Deep breaths. Must control jealousy. She is a beautiful talented actress who obviously has worked extremely hard and has followed her dream which has lead her to A-list status where she gets to co-star with other A-listers, namely Ryan the pantie dropper Gosling.

The rest of the movie was totally ridic. No use listing plot holes, because it doesn’t really matter since plot is not the point of a romantic comedy. The point is to tell highly unlikely stories about highly attractive people doing highly unlikely things to prove their highly unlikely everlasting love. So in that vain, the movie was actually fine. Except for Gosling who was mind numbingly extraordinarily and womb trembling fine. And I would have appreciated a disclaimer.