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Are You B**chy To Attractive Women?

mean girls holiday

So this professor of psychology at the University of Ottawa, Tracy Vaillancourt, recently conducted a study about how women react to other women's clothes and appearance. She took 86 women, put them in a room together (without documenting any demographic information about these participants), then gauged their reactions when a young female student in a "certain" outfit, let's say a low-cut top and a mini skirt, entered the room. I'm sure you already know where this is going… The women were pretty stereotypically b**chy when it came to the skimpy outfits.

Ah, so the negative stereotype that women hate other (usually attractive) women persists. Glad all is right with the world. Read more about the study at The Frisky: Dubious Study Finds That Women React Aggressively Toward "Sexy" Peers

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