8 Ways To Keep From Contacting Your Ex This Holiday Season

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From exercise to makeovers, these tips should keep you distracted from the temptation of your ex.

The holiday season can be a tricky time to be single, even if you've been that way for a while, even if you're totally comfortable with it the other 11 months of the year. Some weird single holiday haze descends and makes the most well-adjusted among us feel like lousy lumps of unwanted coal. Spending time with your family can, well, make you feel vulnerable and stressed. Sleeping in your childhood bed (or a pull out cot in my case while my brother and his wife take my bed) can, well, make you feel as bitter and lonely as the Grinch.

The combination of Hallmark ephemera, sentimental Folger's commercials, and old black and white movies playing on a loop can make you, well, overly emotional and temporarily insane. All of the above may cause you do naughty things. Like thinking it's a good idea to contact say, an ex that you know you shouldn't. Don't let this happen to you. Nowhere in the rules of the holidays does it say that you should extend kindness and goodwill to some not-good-for-you douche bag. The holidays are NOT a valid excuse for fraternizing with ghosts of relationships past. In fact, it will probably only make you feel worse. Once the haze has lifted all you'll be left with is the lingering shame … and there's no gift receipt for that. It's not worth it. So here are some ways to keep this holiday season ex-free.

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Written for The Frisky by Ami Angelowicz.