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Love & Beauty: How To Dress For Your Guy's Office Holiday Party

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This week's best beauty-related links from around the web: 

OMG shoes! The perfect red shoes for the holidays. Although if you ask us, we prefer boots this time of year (brrrrrr). (Babble)

How to dress for your boyfriend's holiday office party. Photos included. (The Gloss)

Can your curly hair ruin your relationship? One man gave his wife an ultimatum: Wear your hair natural or our marriage is in trouble. (NaturallyCurly)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show photos from years past (all the way back to 1996!) See how their idea of sexy has evolved. (TresSugar)

25% of kids consider plastic surgery because of TV. Sad. (Yahoo! Shine

How to look 5 pounds thinner, just by wearing the right bra. (YouBeauty)

What real women's stomachs look like: 75 beautiful, strong, non-Photoshopped bellies. Send yours in! (xoJane)

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