Love Bytes: These Two Words Will Save Your Relationship

Thank You
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Plus, the top 11 divorce and infidelity studies of 2011.

Ideally, you and yours had delightful Thanksgivings full of grateful sentiment. It turns out that gratefulness not only helps the recipient of the thanks but also the giver. An appreciative demeanor leads to better sleep, health and many other long-term good things. It can really enhance your relationship! (NY Times)

Online dating is hard. Dr. Helen Fisher tells you why men over-simplify and women over-analyze the digital scene. (

There are about 11 lil' white lies that EVERYONE tells on first dates. (HowAboutWe)

The woman whose CAT-scanned orgasm became a web sensation lets us know what it was like (the viral part; we hope you know what an orgasm is like). (XO Jane)

There are at least 5 things to consider before taking the plunge and indulging in a sexual fantasy. (TresSugar)

There were 11 very interesting findings in 2011 regarding divorce and infidelity. These, you should know. (Huffington Post)

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