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15 Signs You'll Never Have A Baby

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15 Signs You'll Never Have A Baby

After soaring to a two-decade high in 2007, the national birth rate began sinking again in 2008, and it's sinking still — mirroring the economy's downward plunge, researchers say. According to a 2010 Pew Research study, teen birth rates are down, as are those for women in their 20s, the prime childbearing years. But the rate for women aged 40 to 44 increased by a surprising 4 percent. On top of that, more American women than ever now remain childless all their lives: 20 percent, compared with 10 percent 40 years ago. Who does and doesn't procreate these days, and where do you fit in? The Daily Beast compiled 15 eyebrow-raising trends and talked to experts about what's driving them.

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