Are You Watching The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Tonight?

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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I wish the models in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show were allowed to eat solid food.

Personally, I prefer beauty that's a bit more interesting — even flawed — than that of stick-thin Victoria's Secret models. It concerns me to hear that these models aren't allowed to eat solid food for months before the show. What happened to the days of Marilyn Monroe? She was a healthy size 8, and so vivacious and naturally beautiful. If you ask me, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is eye candy when it comes to the costumes, but does nothing to empower women. This makes me feel conflicted about watching it, as much as I love the gorgeous feathery concoctions created for the show. I thought eating and accepting different body types were both healthy things, but I guess I'm missing something. Anyway, at least the lingerie and costumes are sparkly and pretty, just in time for the holidays. Yay?! I'm wearing a sparkly gold belt right now, in time for the season and in solidarity with the models (or something). A sparkly garter may be a bit advanced for me... though you never know.

Check out exclusive backstage photos of the runway show on The Daily Beast: Victoria's Secret Runway Show: Nicki Minaj, Kanye West & More (Photos)

I'll be... washing my hair, but are you watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight? Tell us, are you "so excited" or "so over it?"