Love Bytes: 10 Signs Your Man Is Ready For Marriage

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Plus, what if your guy is always coming to his ex's rescue? And, is it lust or love?

Unless your dude has been thumbing through an issue of The Knot and making comments about the wedding he's dreamed of ever since he was a little girl, you may have to read between the lines a little to see if he's ready for marriage. Fortunately, there are telltale signs that he's ready to put a ring on it. (iVillage)

Speaking of "dudes," evidently the way your guy uses the word "dude" can connote many different things. Here is your guide to "dude." (Mental Floss)

Dudes don't get much cooler than actor Aziz Ansari (you may know him from Parks & Recreation, etc.) This week, he takes us on his perfect date. He's smooth like Keith Stone. (HowAboutWe)

You may know Aziz better by his alter-ego Randy, and some people are non-stop randy. The feature film Shame takes an in-depth look at sex addiction in modern-day New York. It's been killin' it on the festival circuit. (The Daily Beast)

Sex addiction is a tricky biscuit. It makes you wonder if what you're feeling is lust or love. (Madame Noire)

A huge turn-off for most people: talk about exes. What happens when your guy is always coming to his ex's rescue? You should all watch The New Adventures Of Old Christine for more about that. Gone before its time. (The Stir)

Rumor has it, that despite having a really crummy marriage with her, Joe DiMaggio fretted (in a concerned way) about Marilyn Monroe for the rest of her days. And she, Ms. Monroe, had a lot to say about love and stuff. (TresSugar)

When she started dating Arthur Miller, after splitting with Yankee Clipper (DiMaggio), Marilyn Monroe probably avoided a few conversation topics. For instance, never, ever tell a first date why they call your ex "Joltin' Joe."  There are five other things YOU should avoid on your first date with a divorcee. (eHarmony)

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