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15 Love Lessons From Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe still captures public imagination, almost 50 years after she died. The new movie My Week With Marilyn, out last Friday, explores the starlet's life intimately, giving us a more detailed picture of her personality by looking through a smaller window of time. And we're giving away a $1,000 gift certificate to Tiffany & Co. and a bottle of Marilyn's favorite perfume, Chanel No. 5 to celebrate the movie. In it, Michelle Williams's performance aims to show audience members, who often have no contemporary memory of Marilyn, a different side of the troubled actress than the glamorous image that's survived. Marilyn herself also left us clues about her playful, seductive, but also lonely nature. Let's look back at some of Marilyn Monroe's most famous quotes on life and love to understand more.

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