5 Tips For Surviving Black Friday With Your Partner

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It's time for Black Friday craziness. How will you and your partner handle it without fighting?

It's time for Black Friday craziness! Some people are real Black Friday devotees, perusing all the ads beforehand and dashing to the stores super-early. Others are casual strollers, merely people-watching and taking it all in. Even more people don't participate at all (or go online shopping instead). Unfortunately, if you're tackling this day together, Black Friday is also ripe for disagreements with your partner! Fortunately, The Frisky has five tried-and-true tips for surviving this shopping bonanza from a real Black Friday pro — with your partner or without, and let's face it, sometimes it's better without! Check them out: The Frisky: 5 Tips For Surviving Black Friday

Are you going shopping on Black Friday?