9 Real Reasons Men Cheat, From A Man's Perspective

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The emotional and psychological challenges experienced by many men attempting fidelity are underrated in mainstream romance. Instead, the problem is exacerbated by highlighting the inevitable outcome of that challenge: cheating. Cheating has been analyzed through a never ending stream of expert opinions and "why men cheat" books and articles. Overwhelmingly, the barrage of cheat-lit takes the much needed stance of helping women either demonize or empathize in addition to ensuring women that there's something that can be done to prevent a man from cheating. Not this article. This is not your typical, girly, "why men cheat" list intent on giving you false hope. My take on the subject fully acknowledges that at least 50% of men being coerced to sleep with one woman, and one woman only, are simply not going to. These next few reasons for male infidelity will make you squirm in your seat, get your eyes rolling, head shaking, and flaming the comments. No fluff. Just cold, hard, inconvenient truths about a man you used to, or will soon love — and why there's roughly a 1 in 2 chance he cheats.

Read on at your own risk: Madame Noire: 9 Inconvenient Truths About Men & Cheating

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