10 Things Not To Do At Thanksgiving Dinner With His Parents

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These Thanksgiving dinner meet-his-family don'ts are a recipe for disaster.

Whether you've been dating for weeks or years, the first holiday meal you spend at his family's house is unnerving. Hopefully, you've met his family before this big day, though maybe you haven't. Regardless, the premiere Thanksgiving at his parents' house is an entirely new adventure — who knows what you're walking into? Each family has its own set of rituals, customs, and holiday expectations, not to mention unique ways of communicating, joking — and making stuffing. Here are 10 tips to help you minimize any potential awkwardness so that you won't feel like the odd (wo)man out, and can instead focus on the marathon eating. And if you're a liberal vegetarian and his parents are meat-worshiping Tea Partiers, maybe read this list twice.

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