Ashton Kutcher's Pathetic Last Attempt To Win Demi Moore Back

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Ashton's lavish birthday gift to Demi only pushed her away more.

Ashton Kutcher cannot do anything right these days. Poor guy. He seems so eager to do and say the right things but it's all just backfiring in his gorgeous, chiseled face. First there were the idiotic tweets and now there's news that he tried to woo back Demi Moore with a fancy car for her birthday. Not just any car, a Lexus hybrid that cost over $100,000. To Ashton, I suppose nothing says "Sorry for getting caught with a blonde in a hot tub" quite like an expensive gift. While an extravagant present might appease some ladies, Demi's no fool. I bet she took one look at that car and realized that a swift and definitive divorce was really the only option.

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