Love Bytes: 7 Reasons To Date A Nerdy Guy

big bang theory

Plus, is it weird for a man to talk about sex (with his wife) with his buddies?

Some of you have parents in their dotage. Some of you are parents or grandparents in their golden or near-to-golden years. It turns out that women (possibly men too, I'd guess) in their middle and later years are still totally down with having orgasms. In fact, orgasms increase their happiness by 20 percent or so. Holding babies and doing laundry are pretty OK too. (Nerve)

When you think of the Dutch, please don't think exclusively about paying 50-50 on dates, because they do a whole lot of other stuff. Evidently, people from Holland (isn't that veird) have fewer teen pregnancies and use less marijuana than Americans (probably because it practically grows on trees there). (Em & Lo)

Is it weird for a guy to talk to his buddies about how he has sex with his wife? Yeah, yeah it is. But why? What about friends who aren't friends with your wife? This topic is a minefield. (Good Men Project)

OK, dudes feel weird talking about some things. BUT what are dudes thinking when they create an online dating profile? This will help you decipher his profile. (Betty Confidential)

Who needs online dating when you got game? It turns out some pick-up lines work, for scientific reasons. I'm impressed with scientists for doing a study on this. Wait a sec, how much DOES a polar bear weigh? Just enough to break the ice, hi I'm a scientist. (HowAboutWe)

With smooth lines like that, you'd probably assume I don't spend 3 hours a night playing video games. Well, what if I did? Could I still be a great guy? There are (at least) seven reasons to date a geeky fella. (Madame Noire)

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