Do You Hate Ashton Kutcher Now? Many Are Saying "Yes"

Do You Hate Ashton Kutcher Now? Many Are Saying "Yes"

In the wake of his divorce, prominent people in the media on how Ashton's image is now ruined.

In the hours since Demi Moore announced she was divorcing her husband of six years, Ashton Kutcher, the female employees of Yahoo's women's blog Shine have been chatting about their disdain for Kutcher.

Senior writer and editor Piper Weiss told her editor in chief Jennifer Romolini that she thought Demi was very cool for sticking up for herself in her statement to the press.

Romolini agreed that Demi was pretty "bad ass."

Both women were in agreement that they simply couldn’t stand Kutcher any longer.

In the eyes of many, Ashton Kutcher has managed to go from lovable dork to despicable dude in the span of just a few months.

"Ashton's cheating has totally destroyed his image. When he was married and loyal to Demi Moore, he was hot. Now that he is a cheater, he is not! He looks like an immature jerk," said Bonnie Fuller, President and Editor-in-Chief,, adding that her whole office of women and men alike has been chiming in on how much they dislike the “Two and a Half Men” star.

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