Women Men Avoid True or Not True


When it comes to meeting someone we can or can not be picky. In any situation the holidays start

making us wander about our friends the ones we have the ones that don't connect or vice versa.  In a study with the types of men women avoid we did our research.  Based on FitStyle Magazine  recent fall issue they discuss in detail 5 types of women men avoid.  You tell us if it is True or not !


IN their article they stated that this is based on some opinions and in many types a ploy for a player type of mentality.   The selfish in the matter of what these type of men women avoid.  This is somewhat really close but again it depends on the man.  The articles talks about how important it is to understand the Dr Jeykll / HIDE approach to this.

With the women being in this way based on developing a daing program with a women.  

The first type of woman the talk about is

The smart ass-   Most men like a woman that is articulate.  They like a bit of some ploy on words like men don't do this HUH.  In a latest article about Bradley Cooper's sexiest alive interview.  He was late for a photo shoot and came up with a smart ass comment which kindof was confusing but it made you think a bit.  IN all women can be this too but it is the ones that go way over to test the power they say.  In a way of ruining your ego.

But sometimes some might like that or like to be the humble.  But it is something we need to look at that it needs to be sutle and makes you think.


The second type of woman they talk about it 

The Rebound Woman- And not to say in some ways I told you so we have another one example here with rebounding with a woman who is just getting out of a relationship or someone who is supposedly on the fensce.  It states that they more are pretty much a sex fantasy and they have been neglecting with the one man for years that they are like a roaring cat  GRRR,  But the either way you have to be cautious. Don't play too much in this woman for she will and maybe become needy or your the last meal.  She isn't going to be something that is past that meal.  It is like you arrived too early and she won't be ready for awhile and move on.  


some others were about the whining type and much more.  All in all there is HOPE  in relationships.  You have to put the best foot forward and make sure that no matter what you are finding something of Love within yourself and you have to be happy with yourself first.