Sexiest Man Alive? No Thanks! How About 10 Sexiest Men Dead?

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People mag's Sexiest Man Alive issue is here, but Bradley Cooper has nothing on these dead dudes.

Heartthrobs just aren't what they used to be. Bradley Cooper is People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive? He's kind of cute and French-speaking and all, but a bit too vanilla in my opinion. Same with Ryan "Ken doll" Gosling, and I realize I'm in the minority of females here. Alec Baldwin? Okay, maybe. He's got a sexy voice. But really, a lot of these guys have nothing on the classy icons of the past, like James Dean and Cary Grant. Check out CollegeCandy's hilarious Top 10 Sexiest Men Dead post today and add your own favorite sexy dead men in the comments! We also thought their list could benefit from some Heath Ledger and Kurt Cobain, so let's state that for the record.

College Candy: Top 10 Sexiest Men Dead

Who do you think are the sexiest men dead?


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