Guy Code: 8 Rules Men Live By (That They Don't Tell You About)

guys watching football
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It's hard to find a good guy these days, judging by some of the Twitter responses to #GuyCode, like: 

@Sir_Marley If your boy's girl calls you,and asks if you've seen her man,you say no,even If he's standing right next to you #GuyCode.

That's not funny, Sir Marley! It's lying! Women are not out to get you, bros and dudes. Anyway, we decided to round up some #GuyCode tweets that make us feel warm and fuzzy instead of stabby and stabby about men. Turns out there are some good guys out there! Especially #8, Taco Bell. That's a really good guy.

1. @SuperSmittyTV #GuyCode Never say anything negative about another man to a woman.. That's Player hating at it's finest!

2. @HipHopDeeDizzle If you dont have a favorite team AND a favorite player, you arent a real fan of the sport #GuyCode

3. @llCT3RRAll #guycode dont moan louder than the female no matter how good it is

4. @kevinducker1 Always greet your bro’s new girl with, “So this is who you’re always bragging about!” regardless of if u've heard of her. #guycode"

5. @kjax22 #GuyCode Never tell "single" stories around your friends current gf

6. @IAmBobbyMares I like how #GuyCode is trending. There is no guy code anymore. There is no respect for relationships, it's disgusting.

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7. @RogersNIKE #GuyCode: Always make an effort, call or text her first. It's important to always make time for her.

8. @TacoBell Don't touch my taco. #GuyCode

What rules do you think guys should live by? Follow us on Twitter and tweet with your favorite guy rules and #GuyCode! And hey, what about #GirlCode? Someone should get that trending...