Pippa Middleton Is Single! Meet All Her Hot Exes!

Pippa Middleton
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Pippa Middleton is single now after reportedly splitting from Alex Loudon. Who else has she dated?

Pippa Middleton has reportedly split from her date to the royal wedding, Alex Loudon. The rumored breakup came after a year and a half of dating, and Pippa's rise to fame is being blamed. Allegedly, Alex's aristocratic family did not like the celebrity status. After apparently parting ways with Alex, Pippa spent last weekend at the ancestral home of her friend George Percy, who also happens to be her ex. His family property, Alnwick Castle, doubled as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies! Not a bad place to get over a breakup.

Anyone else curious about who she's dated and who Duchess Catherine's sister will date next? Let's look back at Pippa's past romances (and their royal ties!).

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