Love Bytes: 8 Ways To Hook Up This Thanksgiving

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Plus, 12 signs that you're too picky. Remember, 'tis a gift to be simple.

Oh boy, it's t-minus 8 days to turkey time. Ideally, you'll be going home to give thanks for some plentiful bounty. While back visiting the old stomping grounds, you may want to get frisky out of nostalgia, rekindled love or boredom. Whatever the case, you're gonna feel like a real goober sneaking your high school sweetheart back to your childhood bedroom with a mouth covered in cranberry, a belly full of turkey and a midnight trip to the mall in the back of your mind. Follow a few rules and it'll be all gravy. (The Frisky)

You should be thankful for your high standards, but let's not let perfection be the enemy of goodness. There are 12 signs that you are just too darn picky. (HowAboutWe)

But you should  be at least a little picky. Why do men, say an Ashton Kutcher or a Jesse James, basically everyone but Brad Pitt, cheat with women who are much less awesome than their wives? (Em & Lo)

No one likes a cheater, right? But is it always their fault? What if a woman's father's behavior taught her that trading in for a new model or emotional infidelity wasn't that bad? (Good Men Project)

Maybe, to be on the safe side, if you have a rolling stone of a papa, you should become a female musician. Evidently, they never get laid. That seems unfair. (Nerve)

Lady rock stars, women having affairs, Ashton Kutcher letting us all down, protesters gettin' hitched... the world is changing and we may not have our old dating rituals to fall back on any more. To be fair, some are clunkers… I mean who even wears a cape these days, much less puts it on puddles? (TresSugar)

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