How Did You Know When Your Relationship Was Over?

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#IKnewItWasOverWhen is trending on Twitter. What put the nail in your relationship's coffin?

Sometimes it's pretty clear that your relationship is over. Here are our 10 favorite "it's over" signs from the Twitterverse.

1. @TeddieSpeaks #IKnewItWasOverWhen we went days without talking.

2. @lexilooove #iknewitwasoverwhen you started to give me one word texts.

3. @geevesierullo #IKnewItWasOverWhen the excitement to see your name on my phone wasnt there anymore.

4. @ceomarkzuck #IKnewItWasOverWhen you changed your relationship status to "single" on Facebook before talking to me.

5. @DreamTeenQuotes #Iknewitwasoverwhen you never texted me first anymore.. :/

6. @marissahogg #Iknewitwasoverwhen I deleted you off bbm for the first time... nevermind the second third or fourth...

7. @chassidy_loren_ #IKnewItWasOverWhen I became less of a priority and more of an option, and you were the same for me.

8. @aliciamayxo #iknewitwasoverwhen I found myself pretending I believed everything you said instead of actually believing you

9. @ChrisG_Tweeted #IKnewItWasOverWhen those long all night conversations on the phone started to have those awkward silences and last 2mins

10. @IHateKikiAyers #Iknewitwasoverwhen my momma said she didn't like you lol

How did you know when your relationship was over? Spill the beans.