Robert Pattinson On Annoying Kristen Stewart & His Own Wedding

Robert Pattinson On Annoying Kristen Stewart & His Own Wedding

The Breaking Dawn star on offending his girlfriend, what he has in mind for his own wedding & more!

It wasn't love at first bite for Robert Pattinson. Ask him how it felt to turn Kristen Stewart into one of his kind—a red eyed, blood thirsty, attractive vampire—in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, and he says that those weren't love bites he was giving her during a scene where Bella gives birth.

"I didn't bite Kristen at all," says Pattinson, 25, reclining on a couch in his suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. He wears jeans and a black shirt. His professional 'mussed hair is there for him to run a hand through when he gets nervous. Yes, interviews still make him a bit nervous, but he's a sweet guy in person. In fact, he likes to giggle at the questions.

Right now, he's giggling and talking about biting Bella several times. "It was a dummy that I bit because I had to bite hard," he says. "Bella refuses to turn into a vampire and she's dying. Edward is frantic. He's losing the love of his life." 3 Reasons Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Relationship Works

"My head was stuck between a dummy's legs getting cream cheese and jelly all over me when the baby is born. I pull out a three-week old infant," he says with a giggle. "Then I have to bite Bella. It was all a bit surreal."

Pattinson says his entire Twilight journey has been a bit surreal. But he was happy to discuss fame, love, childbirth, and those racy honeymoon scenes in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (out this Friday) with us:
Can you talk about this journey you've taken over these years as vampire Edward Cullen?
I love this journey. In fact, most of the time I've ignored the fact that Edward is a vampire. I ignored that he was 108-years old except for metaphorical reasons. You're left with a really troubled teenager who is getting content with himself. He's content in this story marrying a woman he loves and accepting this child that they've created.

We find out that Edward is a tough guy to love sometimes because he's filled with self-loathing. Breaking Dawn finally explains why Edward is such a tortured boyfriend and now, husband. Word is you supported telling his back-story.
I always thought that self-loathing was so key to Edward's character. Remember, he's 108 and the guy has never achieved what he wanted to achieve in life because he's stuck in this adolescence. He's a loving person, but he's also one of those guys who thinks nothing is fair. He has been living in a certain way for about 100 years. But it's very difficult to portray that side of Edward, plus the love story at the same time. I was pushing to tell more about him as a younger vampire. We do a flashback scene that reflects his anger. /node/114334

How has playing Edward changed you?
I guess I've been presented with a whole variety of obstacles in terms of growing up and figuring out who I want to be. This fame is like walking through a very complicated maze. I feel it hasn't really slowed down. It has been fun and totally bizarre. I didn't even know if I'd continue acting before this happened. Now, I have much more of a drive and passion for it.

What was it like to shoot Bella's gruesome birth scene? You have to help cut the baby out of her (the child that's crushing her from the inside), and then watch Bella die as she gives birth.
I read the script before I read the book that describes the birth scene. I was astonished at how this is portrayed. It was terrifying going into it on the set. I just couldn't believe we were going to have Bella give birth to a half vampire, half human child. It was also one of the most incredible scenes in the movie. I guess there could be a great R-rated or even NC 17-rated version of a few scenes in this movie, including the birth scene and the honeymoon!

What was it like to film the wedding scene? Are you a big let's plan a wedding kind of guy?
A wedding that big does seem like a bit of a hassle. I was just doing interviews with Kristen and she got really annoyed with me because I said the groom's role in a wedding is basically to be there as a prop!

Wait, now we're mad at you!
Seriously, it's a clear indication of whose day it is when you, as the guy, are standing at the end of an aisle and the whole congregation turns and looks at her. You're also in the same suit as every other guy. I think any guy who tries to get involved in the organizing or planning of a wedding, or even has an opinion about any of it is kind of ridiculous. It's all about what your future wife wants to do.

So, no big wedding for you... someday?
I don't really mind a fancy wedding. I just don't want to wear a silly outfit. That's what guys think about… we don't want to look dumb.

Quick guy question: In these Twi-films, Edward doesn't seem to mind the fact that this hot guy, played by Taylor Lautner, is always looking out for your woman, Bella. Would this fly with you in real life? You know, the best guy friend who is always around your girlfriend?
No way! I'd be like, "It's time for you to hit the road." I don't think I'd be happy about the situation. I'd ask, "Why are you always hanging around? I don't even want to know why. Get out of here!" Taylor Lautner: I'll Never Get Tired Of The Screaming Girls

Are you ever going to release any new music?
I can handle doing movies. You can always blame it on someone else. I can handle the criticism because there are hundreds of people who work on a movie. But when you put out an album, there are people who will judge just you. The day any of my music would come out, I'd probably be on the Internet wanting to shoot myself if people hated it. I could put the music out under an alias, but that's also very embarrassing if you get caught.

Describe the last time you played Edward in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.
It was pretty incredible. It was freezing cold out in the woods for two nights of shooting. We did one final scene out there and that was the end of the Twilight films. We had wrapped the last movie. But, it doesn't really feel like the end yet. The press tours are huge. When it's finally over and I talk about Edward for the last time… well, I'll be pretty sad. I'll miss the guy.

Tell us: Are you going to go see Breaking Dawn?

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