6 Signs You're Headed For Marital Bliss


How to make sure you and your partner are compatible before tying the knot.

With the divorce rate being what it is these days, marriage definitely isn't something to take lightly. After all, most of us aren't anything like a certain reality star whose reputation is currently at major risk for her speedy marital shenanigans. Most of us want to be completely sure we're compatible with our potential life partner before zipping down the aisle.

I'll never forget my mom telling me what the rabbi who married my parents said to them before they took their vows over 35 years ago. He told them that there are three things you must be in sync with in order to keep your marriage afloat: Money, family, and sex. Sounds simple enough, but one or all of those things can get hairy at some point for any couple! So, while I think that's a terrific general guideline, there are definitely more nuanced ways to tell if you're a match made in monogamous heaven. Jacqueline Del Rosario, "America's Marriage Doctor," offered her take on some of those ways.

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