Hot Guys Are Better Writers, At Least Of Online Dating Profiles

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Study says attractive online daters also have better profiles.

On dating websites, users choose their profile pictures based on their best features; they highlight what they'd most like potential love interests to notice.

Rock solid abs? Go ahead, snap a "Situation"-esque shot with your six-pack showing. Striking blue eyes? Stare right into that webcam and pout away, baby. Plus, if you're insecure about another part of your body (let's say your lack of six-pack), you don't need to show it.

A new study, however, found that the real meat and potatoes of a person's online dating profile — you know, the actual content — is just as effective at conveying attractiveness as their picture. So, if you're hiding a flaw with your photo, online daters can still gauge how good-looking you are based on your "about me" section. The 12 Online Dating Mistakes You KEEP Making Over And Over

Researchers from Villanova University asked females to rate the profiles and pictures of 100 men, aged 22 to 25, who used a popular dating website. The women first rated how good-looking they found a group of men based on their snapshots. They also rated their confidence and masculinity, as determined from the picture. Next, women were given written (another group's) profiles, without the pic, and asked how attractive each was, based on how confident, kind, intelligent and funny each man seemed.

The results showed that men who were deemed more physically attractive also wrote the most appealing profiles. Researchers believe that guys who are confident in their appearance can also convey that confidence in their written profiles. Some guys have all the luck, I guess.

The obvious takeaway here is that confidence is key in attracting mates. These results beg the question, though: Is online dating better suited for those who have a way with the written word? If someone considers writing their weakness, it seems unlikely that they'd be able to effectively convey confidence in a profile, no matter how attractive they are. Perhaps, for you legions of online daters out there, this is something to consider — they say don't judge a book by its cover, after all, and a profile is truly just a quick snapshot (rather than a full-length novel) of what a person has to offer.

Do you find that attractive people have better-written online dating profiles?