Love Bytes: 20 Reasons Long-Distance Relationships Rule

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Plus, 5 ways almost anyone can become instantly attractive.

Ever been in a long-distance relationship? Kids are calling them LDRs these days, and not many of us have had great experiences. BUT there are some bright points. Twenty, to be exact. Is tearfully talking on the phone until 3 a.m. on a school night, muttering, "I just don't know if this is going to work," over and over a good thing? (The Frisky)

Maybe technology can save your long-distance relationship! There is a science-y pillow that makes it seem like you and your lover are sleeping right next to each other. Your move, Google. (The Stir)

Facebook is arguably a good thing for long-distance relationships… or is it? Pictures, status updates and wall posts can be taken out of context. Even committed, local and strong relationships can slide out onto thin ice when social networking gets in the way. (Huffington Post) The Top 10 "Golden Rules" Of Facebook Relationship Etiquette

Body language can say as much or more than mere verbiage. Not really. Use your words. But body language is pretty darn important on a subliminal level, so you may need to watch what you do with your arms, hips and neck. (MSN's Glo)

With a little hustle, everyone can look good. Not slouching and fixing your wayward eyebrows can go a long way toward making you cute. There are a few other things you can do to make 'em notice you. (HowAboutWe)

Online dating tip numero uno: Have a nice profile photo (use the HowAboutWe tips to make that one a winner). But you'll need some help with the rest of that profile. (Betty Confidential)

The handwriting on the wall is sometimes a little hard to read. BUT, if you can take a step back, there are 10 signs that your relationship has seen its last days. (TresSugar)

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