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11 Things Women Don't Understand About Men

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Now that we've learned what men don't understand about women (#LadiesWeWantAnswers), it's time to hear the retort. Some savvy ladies decided to get #menwewantanswers to start Twitter-trending as a response. The ladies left no stone unturned! Here are some of our favorites. 

1. @wonderALEXland: You have this obsession with us making you sandwiches. Why exactly? #menwewantanswers

2. @Belle_Tresor: You try so hard to get her, then when you have her, you don't try to keep her. #menwewantanswers

3. @chelseabxtch_: why would ANY guy hit a female for ANY reason? didnt your mother teach you better then that? #menwewantanswers

4. @thekhayalan: Why you make promises when you know you won't fulfill them? #MenWeWantAnswers

5. @NathiaRenee: Why cheat? If you're not happy, just leave. #menwewantanswers

6. @kellyL1972: #menwewantanswers How do you remember all those sports names and dates and all the other facts you all seem to know??

7. @mariuximacb: #menwewantanswers why is it so hard for you to show your emotions? Sometimes women just want to know how you feel and view things

8. @PayneNPleasure: what ever happened to taking girls on dates, pulling out their chairs, and opening their car door? #menwewantanswers

9. @ashlieeee_: Do u not understand that we know when u are lying? #menwewantanswers.

10. @NazminAkthar: #menwewantanswers So if we don't text we don't care and if we do then we're not giving you any space??

11. @Afifa_Ra: #menwewantanswers why do you change when you're around your friends?

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