11 Things Men Don't Understand About Women

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#LadiesWeWantAnswers is trending on Twitter, AND it's 11/11/11! What a perfect storm!

Good afternoon everybody. #LadiesWeWantAnswers is trending on Twitter, AND it's 11/11/11. What a perfect opportunity to round up 11 of our favorite tweets about what men want to know. Some of their questions are... trifling (it is Twitter), some hilarious, and others actually quite poignant. What a mysterious gender we are. Here we go:

1. @Scottyrozay: Why say all guys are the same when you keep dating the same type of guys? #ladieswewantanswers

2. @Philcashout: #ladieswewantanswers Why don't yall realize that in order to make a dude drop everything for you u have to prove your worth it

3. @Tayycarter: why do you take relationship advice from your single friend who can never keep a man? #ladieswewantanswers

4. @IHeartWomen: Why do yall put Make Up on when most of yall are already Beautiful? #LadiesWeWantAnswers

5. @jcsbeatpage: Why does hello kitty excite you!? -_- #LadiesWeWantAnswers

6. @_Suliman: How can you endure child birth, stilettos, etc but a spider stops you in your tracks? #ladieswewantanswers

7. @ConceitedNYC: #LadiesWeWantAnswers we know y'all are hornier than men so why do y'all act like y'all not??

8. @ManInTheHat: why do you have better handwriting than us? #ladieswewantanswers

9. @tedi_bear: #ladieswewantanswers why do you talk about equality and women's empowerment, yet yall still waiting on us to text you first?

10. @DemarRandySHOW: #LadiesWeWantAnswers Why can't you be a freak in the streets too? Why we have to wait till we get home?

11. @TomfooleryTM: #LadiesWeWantAnswers When was the last time you asked a guy out for a date and gave him a little cab money for the ride home?

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