Why Andre Balazs Didn't Deserve Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler and Andre Balazs were a wrong match from the start.

Chelsea Handler, I want you to know that I completely understand why you broke it off with Andre Balazs. Full disclosure: I actually hung up on the man once. Granted, it was an accident and I didn't know who he was at the time, but from the way he said "hello," I could just tell he was an arrogant snob.

(Okay, so he wasn't really calling me personally. Balazs was calling my then-boss, who was more than a little bit irate when he realized that I hung up on the ultra-hip hotelier behind The Standard, The Mercer, and Chateau Marmont, to name a few of his successful ventures.)

Anyway. I'm still not surprised things didn't work out for Handler and Balazs as a couple, because they were never a good match to begin with. The signs were there from the start...

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