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    I always knew I was a total business-woman; and I always dreamt of having a fabuous career while being a "domestic diva,'' as a call it. That is why when I found my home-based business; I knew I was onto something big. I always heard that home business and/or home jobs were all scams or "get-rich quick schemes.'' Luckilly; I always had a mind of my own and realized that usually people call something a scam; that they failed at. That does not mean it's a scam; it means that perhaps they were either not disciplined enough, they weren't passionate about the company enough; or maybe they did not get the correct training needed. Regardless; I searched for over 5 years until I found something perfect. My home career is much more than financial freedom for me; sure I will never have to worry about paying close to two-hundred dollars a month for daycare or being frustrated in traffic...and I never will miss my deployed soldiers phone calls from being stuck in an office; but those are just some of the perks with an at home opportunity. I feel proud of myself for finding something much more than just working a 9-5 and making someone else rich; I love being able to work in pjs or take off whenever I feel I need to. Being a "business owner,'' sounds pretty nice too.

   The first step to finding a great home based career is educating yourself on the difference between a home-based career and a home based business and a home based job. A job will not ask for an upfront fees in most cases and you will be paid a salary or hourly income. Most at home jobs require telemarketing, customer service or cold-calling in most cases; therefore many require a land line. The most common at home scams are things like data entry, medical billing and envelope stuffing. Remember; if you are asked to pay money; it does not always mean a scam; it may be an actual business. If it sounds too good to be true; review the company's ratings on your favorite search engine and get in touch with real people who work with the company. If it sounds to good to be true; it most likely is. An at home business is what I do; with a business there are most likely costs involve; which will be a tax write-off. The start-up fees are usually called 'kits" and usually you will find things like brochures, samples, catalogs and business supplies included. Most home businesses are in the party plan line of work. My home business is actually service based; and the start-up fee was very minimum but it supplies you with all the tools you need to work at home. Businesses are not paid an hourly pay or salary; you are pretty much responsible for getting your own customers, marketing your business and generating your own leads and income. Usually; you are assigned a sponsor or can pick your own sponsor. Make sure you pick someone with much experience and who is recommmended at least to be a good sponsor; it is important I believe to find a sponsor and/or team that will provide you with advice and ongoing training and support. After all; your sponsor generally makes a team building bonus for his or her recruiting efforts; so you would want one who really trains their team well. A huge problem with new business owners in the direct sale industry especially failing is due to not knowing where to start and not feeling important. Truthfully; many people join home based businesses to also be apart of a team. Keep in mind; not all home based businesses will have teams; especially if they are new; but most will, especially in the party plan or direct sales business. Unsure of the perfect sponsor? Make sure to call corporate and ask or research the company's recruiting website, DVDs, or tools to see the leaders presented. Make sure you reach out to your sponsor and ask to join their team newsletters, online groups and so on.

  What to look for in a work at home opportunity? This is a common question; first you will want to check your Better Business Bureau. I would always at least go with a company that has an A rating. Do not get too worried or skeptical if a company has complaints; many million dollar businesses will...keep in mind no company can make everyone happy. Pay attention to see if the complaints were resolved; that is most important in my opinion; the company's customer service and follow-up skills. If a company says not accreditated; keep in mind that just means they are not paying the fee to the BBB to be accrediated. That does not necessarily mean that the company is nto legit. Other options you can for research are asking the company's credentials, length of time in business and if they are debt-free. Those things are important; sometimes ground-floor opportunties are great; but if you are like me, you would want something that is proven to work. Many new businesses I joined in the past ended up going out of business within a few years of being established. Just because a company has been in business a long time does not mean it is saturated; there is always room for more I believe. Look at companies like Avon and Mary Kay. Sure; they have tons of active consultant; yet they still have many ladies still reaching high success rates. A few things that really stood out to me with the company I chose was their length in business, the fact they were debt-free, their high ratings with the BBB and US Chamber of Commerce and the fact they were featured in many high profile magazines and on various reliable television sources. With whichever company you go with; especially a business, make sure you are truly passionate about the products. Do not care about fitness and health? Then you probably should not sell vitamins or weight loss products; which are seeming to be very popular these days among my friends. Just beause you heard of a friend who is doing wonderful with the company; does not mean you will not get bored fast and never try or get started with the company. Find something that you love or that you would buy or be a customer with. For me; health and helping people were important to me. I did not want to sell products and I wanted something 100% at home. My company allows me to do everything from home; I am great with marketing and I am just responding to people's requests. I get the office job feel but without having to sell products. It was the best of both world's for me and totally is the genre of work that I enjoy and am good with. Of course there are women and men who are doing wonderful selling cooking products; however, that just was not something I was very passionate about being I hate to cook. 

   Getting started is the most exciting part! Found your new opportunity? Time to market yourself; you do not have to sell or market to just your friends and family. Advertise your business with every high traffice social media site and free advertising site you can find. Once you start earning money; you can consider placing ads on high volume blogs and websites. In direct sales? Contact local schools or venues and participate in upcoming craft shows or vendor fairs. You can even have your own launch party to get your business name out in the open. The key is being consistent. Success will not come overnight; however you can always count on hard work paying off because just because one person may not be interested; they may have tons of family interested and you may get business where you least expect it. Marketing is a key tool to your business success and you will also enjoy many tax write offs such as things like mileage, internet, phone and more. 

   With the new year approaching soon; it is a perfect opportunity to start your own home-based business! Other fabulous ideas on enerating income at home would be opening a home daycare, coaching sports, blogging or even being a motivational speaker on subjects you excel at. Perks of working at home are well more rewarding than income to me. Working at home means more family time and time to enjoy life. Good luck!

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