Love Bytes: 14 Unexpected Things Men Love About Women

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Plus, Depo Provera may cause memory loss.

Hey hey, what did you do with your extra hour this weekend? If you're like us, you watched Saturday Night Live skewer the Kardashians. "We cried...and cried...then we bleached our anuses." Good times. Here's a clip if you missed it. (The Frisky)

Birth control is a good thing. But tinkering with your hormones isn't always "the best." Some women gain weight, some women become irritable and, evidently, some women experience memory loss. The birth control shot, Depo Provera, has caused rats to forget stuff — so humans beware. (Nerve)

Men appreciate a lady who is willing to forgive and forget. There are 13 other unexpected things that dudes like in a gal. (Glo)

What's the most comfortable you can ever get with a person? If your answer is "leaving the door open while you use the bathroom," then you've lived with the opposite sex. When do you make that move, if it all? (Em & Lo)

Evidently, it's really difficult for a high-powered lady to find a fine fella. It's so difficult that the famous article about it on The Atlantic is being spun into a television show. (Forbes)

Maybe successful women should just date younger dudes. Evidently, the cougar is superior to the silver fox. (Good Men Project)

What some ladies really need is just a decent wingwoman. But what happens when your sidekick gets all the dude attention? (Betty Confidential)

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