Love & Beauty Links: Only 7% Of Women Love Their Hair?

woman combing hair

Plus, 10 beauty "flaws" to love.

It's self-esteem month here at YourTango. Isn't it time to love yourself a little more, knotty hair and all? According to a new Dove survey, only 7% of women love their hair, and 20% have skipped a social function because of a bad hair day. Wha?! (Shine)

On that note, here are 10 beauty "flaws" to love. (Glo)

Want to get some simple, yet sexy go-to beauty tips? Here are 3 picture-perfect ones. (The Frisky)

A woman lost all her hair at 21 due to alopecia, and says it's the best thing that ever happened to her. (Huffington Post)

Are you eating pretty? Take the quiz. (YouBeauty)

Ah, the curse of being called "cute" instead of "pretty" or "beautiful." I know it all too well! (CollegeCandy)

What birth control makes you feel sexy? Is there even such a thing? Find out... (Babble)

Ugh, I shouldn't have tried that McRib last week. It's even worse for your health than we thought. The same chemicals are found in yoga mats?! I'd rather go do some down-dog, thank you. (BlissTree)

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