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Love Bytes: Ignoring Men Makes Them Love You More

heart break

You know how a small part of us makes us seek affection and approval from those who withhold it? That part makes us date bad boys or bitchy women, and idolize sociopath bosses. Science tells us it's easiest to deal with rejection when it's made clear there is no chance in hell of us getting our way. But having even a tiny chance makes us even more eager to please. Enter the mind games. (HowAboutWe)

Not being into us is one thing, but having a history of cheating is another entirely. What would you do if your guy or gal admitted to having a history of cheating on previous lovers? (TresSugar)

Having had a bunch of partners is different from having had a bunch of affairs, right? Not in the minds of some men. A high number is a real bummer for some guys. (The Gloss)

OK, we all know that our numbers shouldn't matter, but SHOULD it matter if your main squeeze absolutely won't tell you how many people he'd "been" with? Would it be a deal-breaker if someone just refused to tell you? Or even lied? (Good Men Project)

Many women like to eat. Along with oxygen and water consumption, it's one of the things that keeps them alive. But for many gals, evolving dietary habits, likes and dislikes are as much of a dealbreaker as anything that involves your "number." (The Frisky)

Is race or ethnicity a dealbreaker for you? We hear there are at least six reasons black women should at least consider taking their love life to lighter pastures. Contrast is delightful. (Madame Noire)

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