4 Reasons Why Zooey Deschanel's Separation Shocks Us

4 Reasons Why Zooey Deschanel & Ben Gibbard's Separation Shocks Us

We didn't see this coming at all. Here's why we were so blindsided...

Zooey Deschanel, 31, star of the hit show New Girl, has just split with her husband Ben Gibbard, 35, front man of Death Cab for Cutie. "It was mutual and amicable, there was no third party involved," a source tells Us Weekly.

Just this past September, Gibbard (clearly in love) was gushing to New York Magazine about his first meeting with Deschanel, and we recently chatted with Zooey about the success of their two-year marriage. We thought these two hipsters could make anything last, what happened?! Exclusive! Zooey Deschanel Knows The Pain Of Love Gone Bad

Here's why we're crying into our afternoon coffee over their separation:

1. Zooey seemed so in love with Ben. According to our recent exclusive interview with the star, Zooey said of romantic nights spent with her hubby: "We're homebodies! Oh my God, I don't understand how people go out at night. We're like, 'Why go out at night?' Just relax at home with each other. It's much more romantic than going to some club." She has the right idea there (especially since she works so hard). It's not like they were out being two crazy kids who couldn't handle the responsibility of marriage! Zooey Deschanel's Wedding Details

2. Zooey's in a great place at the height of her career. New Girl was picked up for a full season and Zooey just released her new Christmas album, "A Very She & Him Christmas." Although The Stir may think that her success is what killed her marriage (a la Kim Kardashian), Zooey told Us Weekly herself that she "loves work more than vacations." And, she told us in our interview, "I love doing the work on my series. It's just plain exciting to do what you love. If you have that chance in life then you're very, very lucky." The Kim Kardashian Curse: Till Death (Or Success) Do Us Part

3. Zooey & Ben have similar interests. Gibbard is the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie and Deschanel is head of her own band, She & Him, and describes herself as a "True blue music nerd." Clearly, these two share their love of music in their very talented home—heck, they share the same music manager (he introduced them!). So why can't they share the love anymore?

4. Zooey's a down to earth family girl. "I talk to my mom everyday and I drove my mom's old Volvo until a few years ago," she said recently. A Hollywood star, yes, but Zooey is the kind of girl who would want to make a marriage work. In her own words: "You can't expect to make no effort. You still have to make the effort and be kind and understanding. It sort of just solidifies your commitment."

On one hand, we're relieved the split was amicable, but on the other hand, we're so sad! These two hipsters seemed to be perfect together.

Did Zooey & Ben's split shock you too?

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