I Think I'm "Done" With Online Dating


Online dating sites pretend to help..but they really don't. At least, not me.

I think online dating is fantastic, in theory. In practice it's a lot more tricky.  When online dating first appeared, it had a stigma attached.  It was weird.  Creepy even.  I recall that a handsome successful guy I knew was doing it when online dating was in its infancy and I remember thinking "what's wrong with him"?  Online dating back then was so new and different that most people didn't quite know what to make of it. (Some still don't.)

But then it became rather normal. I joined a site or three and came to really like it.  I liked that these sites gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting and fun guys who I would never have encountered in my ordinary travels.  What I liked most was that online dating was still new enough that only guys who were looking for a serious relationship were using it.  I met several long-ish term boyfriends that way

That's all changed now. Online dating sites are filled with all kinds of people: the serious, the-not-serious, the curious, the-not-really-available, clowns… Read more: