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Love Bytes: What His Text Messages Really Mean

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You know how some people agonize over every single little word and punctuation and timing element of every single text message, and they get to the point it makes you want to pull your own face off? It turns out that they are doing it right. According to math's first cousin, science, the way we use "function words" (grammatical connecting words) begins to mimic that of our partners when we really start liking them. (HowAboutWe)

Being on the same page is important in any relationship and that means, yep, real talk. Is Halloween a good time to introduce a fetish to your partner? (Em & Lo)

This year, for Halloween, a lady can go out as more than just a whore or a virgin. She can also be neither one nor the other in real life. Female sexuality is complex, huh? (Good Men Project)

And, in real life, some men are neither jocks nor nerds. Imagine that! But, there are six other types of men who are very difficult to date. (Madame Noire)

Hardcore survivalists are probably not people you'd really want to date. But the survivalist stars of Man, Woman, Wild do have a few tips on how a regular, old couple can survive a trip together. (Betty Confidential)

And, in case you don't have anything to wear for tonight's Halloween party, a few more awesome couples and non-couples costumes. Get after it. (TresSugar)

Still not inspired? Do as the celebs do (unless the "celeb" in question is Kim Kardashian), and check out these 25 celebrities dressed up for Halloween. (The Frisky)

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