Is The Internet Wrecking Havoc on Your Relationship?


Does the internet 2.0 create strife within your relationship? Here are some quick tips on coping.

The internet is one of the best inventions of our modern time. It is truly the information superhighway. But like any good thing there is always a dark side. We have been inundated with several stories in the media about some person being publicized via the net for one reason or another. #AmberCole, Rep. Weiner, Ashton Kutcher are just a few people whose business and I mean business has been put out there for the world to see. Texting, YouTube, video chatting, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other internet/social networking tools can do great things when used the correct way. But what do you do when your mate spends more time on the internet rather than interacting with you?

Yes, there is a dark side to the internet! It includes sites like Ashley Madison (I'm not linking to it as it becomes a form of promotion/advertisement for them) that encourage people to sign-up to find discreet intimate affairs. Now curiosity caused me to look at the site to see if what I heard was actually true. It was! A site completely dedicated to creating affairs. Is cheating the thing to do nowadays? I asked someone very familiar with infidelity for their opinion on this site and cheating in general.

He says "cheating is not about the woman lacking, it's about the man seeing if he still got it. Men like to feel like they can still chase a woman and get her. It's a male ego thing. Cheating is so common that everyone is just out for the pleasure and doesn't really care about the consequences. So don't take it personal".

But I do take it personal and you should too.

Facebook has become an inadvertent dating site. It's a quick easy way to meet people or rekindle old love affairs and guess what, no one would know. It's almost like Facebook is a world of its own. It's there and being abused by many people whom are supposed to part of a committed relationship. There are also those people who are status stalking, status commenting within 2 minutes of posting, and every single picture liking of people whom they know are in a relationship but clearly don't care.

Texting has done the same thing as Facebook. It used to be if a person were cheating they had specific times to talk to them so it wouldn't disrupt their house. They controlled the relationship. But with the advent of texting people can talk whenever and wherever and no one would have a clue.

So what do you do? Stalk his/her computer, phone, Facebook, Twitter or internet history? You could but you would drive yourself crazy. The best thing would be to give them the rope to hang themselves. Eventually, they will. Trust that what's done in the dark will come to the light! Trust that eventually everything will blow up in their face!

But in all seriousness, trust plays a major role in how we react to their actions. Communicating your dislike of their constant internet engagement is one way to address the issue. Another way is to request to be part of their internet world via friending or following. If neither of these works, hopefully your eyes are open to their actions.

I don't think the internet is ruining relationships but instead making it easier for people with bad intentions to do bad things. What's your opinion on the internet and relationships? Sound off in the comments!

Ciao, Senny Sen

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