Love In Numbers: 5 Sex Moves Women Are Afraid To Ask For

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Plus, 14 absurdly sexed-up Halloween costumes, and 7 reasons to love hotel sex.

21: Most famous love triangles of all time. (CollegeCandy)

18: Hilarious celeb parents Halloween costumes. (Babble)

14: Sexy Halloween costumes that cross the line into absurdity. Sexy Elmo? (The Daily Beast)

10: More Halloween costumes that should never be sexy. Do not go as a stuffed animal. (TresSugar)

10: Signs he wants to be more than just friends. (Madame Noire)

8: Ways your man meddles with your metabolism. (Shape)

7: Reasons to love hotel sex. (Em & Lo)

6: Common interests that basically mean you're meant to be together. (HowAboutWe)

5: Sex moves women want in bed, but are too afraid to ask for. (The Frisky)

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