How To Escape A Relationship Gone Bad

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So you have made the decision to end your relationship. Here are 8 steps to help you move on.

Has your relationships taken a sudden turn for the worse?

Do you argue about every little thing?

So now you're ready to escape this thing you once called a relationship.

I will admit there is no easy way to end a relationship, especially if it involves children. Moving on and letting go is a task that shouldn't be taken lightly. There is a healing process that needs to take place so the emotional baggage doesn't follow you on to the next relationship. Here are my steps on how to escape a relationship gone bad.

  1.  This is the most important step, the first step. Be sure you are absolutely certain you are ready to end the relationship. Making this type of decision while you're emotional will most certainly land you right back in the same relationship either with that person or one just like them.
  2.  Be honest with yourself about the relationship and your feelings. Embrace your decision in moving on. Don't beat yourself up or start the blame game. Accept things as they are and know that every person that comes into your life wasn't meant to be permanent.
  3. Seek closure within yourself! Don't look to them to give you this closure. Write it down, bend a trusting non-judgemental friends ear, cry, scream just do whatever you need to release those feelings. Identify the lesson you were supposed to learn from this relationship and file it away. Every person has a purpose for being in your life accept it for what it is and call it a lesson learned.
  4. Move out and move on. Plan your move carefully and logically. If you move in a fuss (or ask them too) you might create an undue financial hardship for yourself. Make business decisions without your heart.
  5. Reinvigorate your life. Find a hobby, go to networking events, volunteer. Find a way to be around like-minded individuals whom are positive. DON'T JUST SIT IN THE HOUSE!!!!
    6.    If you have children, take a break from your estranged partner. Limit your conversations and interactions. This gives you a breathing period to heal emotionally. You will appreciate this in the long run. If you are in any form of abusive relationship, this is a perfect time to seek counseling and repair your self-esteem.
    7.    Take the time to heal. Jumping right back into a relationship is like a band-aid, eventually the sticky wears out and falls off. Deal with your baggage first.
    8.    Date yourself! This is especially important if you have been in a long-term relationship. You have to get used to being independent again. It's a process but don't feel bad about going to dinner, movies, outings, etc. alone. Have fun and enjoy your new freedom!

**The holidays are a challenge for people just ending their relationship. It may seem like everyone around you is in a relationship but don't let that affect you. You left for a reason and simply having a warm body around does no one justice. **

Ciao, Senny Sen

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