Frances Bean Cobain: Engaged To A Kurt Cobain Lookalike Musician?

Frances Bean Cobain: Engaged To A Kurt Cobain Look-Alike?
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The 19-year-old rock scion might be planning a wedding with her rocker boyfriend, Isaiah Silva.

Is Frances Bean Cobain, the 19-year-old daughter of the late musical genius, Kurt Cobain, and his kooky rocker widow, Courtney Love, planning on following in her mother's footsteps by marrying a rock'n'roll man?

According to People Magazine via Fox News, Frances and her boyfriend, Isaiah Silva of the band The Rambles, (who looks a lot like Frances' Nirvana frontman dad) have both changed their Facebook relationship statuses to "engaged," and Frances has even reportedly gushed on her Facebook wall about spending her life with her "best friend." Courtney Love Set To Auction Kurt Cobain’s Belongings

"Getting to spend the rest of my life loving my best friend makes me the luckiest woman in the world," she wrote.

While she's still just a teenager (and some people think she's way too young to be getting married), Frances has certainly been through a lot of heart-breaking adult experiences. She was only a toddler when her father infamously committed suicide, leaving her to grow up with a mom who's, well, "out there," and whom Frances filed a restraining order against in 2009. Courtney Love Says Ugly Women Are Better Lovers

Though we're usually wary of any 19-year-old getting married (especially to a professional musician with a penchant for long hair and a Jesus beard), Frances owns her own 4-bedroom home and is certainly financially stable, thanks to her multi-million dollar trust fund.

It could be true love... or it could be Frances following in her wild parents' ways.

What do you think, CelebLovers? Is 19 too young to get married?

Photo Credit: People/WENN