Sister Wives: Is Having 17 Kids Selfish?

'Sister Wives': Is Having 17 Kids Selfish?
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The 'Sister Wives' family welcomes their seventeenth baby. What number will they stop at?

Here comes a new baby for the reality television polygamist family featured on TLC's show, Sister Wives. Father Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn, welcomed a son named Solomon early Wednesday morning. He was a healthy 9 lbs., 10.5 oz., and 22 inches long.

Kody tells People of his first child with Robyn, "He's perfect and we couldn't be happier. We are so thrilled." One Man, 4 Wives: Are The Sister Wives Happy?

It must be really hard for Kody, 43, to raise 16—wait, now 17—children and have four wives. He and Robyn, 33, who had a beautiful wedding on last year's season finale of the show, are certainly trying to adapt to their growing numbers. The whole family has moved to Vegas after a police investigation of the legality of Kody's marriages was launched last year in Utah, where bigamy is a third-degree felony (the Browns have since filed a federal lawsuit against that law).

Personally, we think having 17 children is okay as long as there's lots of love being shared between them all. But, we'd feel weird sharing our man with three other wives, that's for sure! 

On the show this season, we'll see the family work through their issues with each other while living in Vegas in four separate houses. We can't wait to keep up with their plural lifestyle.

What about you: do you think having four wives and 17 children is too much?

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