Michael Lohan & 6 More Worst Celebrity Dads Ever

Michael Lohan
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No wonder Lindsay's such a mess! Her father, Michael Lohan, was just arrested for domestic violence.

I'm fully convinced that Michael Lohan's headline-making domestic violence arrest yesterday was copied straight out of Mel Gibson's playbook. Of course, Mel's famed blowouts were uniquely terrible because some of them were directed towards the teenage son of ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Last month, Mel paid $100,000 to Oksana's 14-year-old for the guarantee that he wouldn't sue the once-respected actor for reportedly "terrorizing" him during altercations with his mother. That’s low, even for Mel Gibson. Additionally, his own toddler daughter with Grigorieva bore witness to a number of her father's detonations.

It's hard to top this sh**ty parenting, but surprise, surprise, more than a few celebs come close! Check out the photo gallery of six more celebrities who I definitely wouldn't want for a dad: The Frisky: The 7 Worst Ever Celebrity Dads

Written by Rachel Krause for The Frisky.

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