6 Common Sex And Dating Myths, Debunked

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Finally! Some of our most common misconceptions about love, explained in a handy little list.

5. "Guys want casual sex, but ladies want love."
 Surprise! Women (sometimes) like casual sex, too. If a woman declines casual sex, it's because she's afraid the guy doesn't have the right skills and/or they'll be "slut-shamed."

6. "Women are picky, but men will have sex with anyone."
 When Conley reviewed a speed-dating study, she found that women who were more aggressive and tended to approach men more acted more like... men, i.e., they weren't very picky at all. 6 Ways To Get ANY Guy You Want (For Real, Ladies!)

Says Conley: "Within psychology, perspectives that draw upon adaptively evolved mechanisms are typically utilized to explain gender differences in sexuality. That is, the behaviors we see today are presumed to be relics of our evolutionary past. The research reviewed suggests that these gender differences are in fact rooted in much more mundane causes: stigma against women for expressing sexual desires; women's socialization to attend to other's needs rather than their own; and, more broadly, a double standard that dictates (different sets of) appropriate sexual behaviors for men and women." 

So there you go: Most of the differences between men and women are socialized, rather than inherent.

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What other sex and gender myths do you wish science would debunk?