Would You Take Your Halloween Costume Into The Bedroom?

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Why we need Halloween, I don't know. For me, every Thursday is "dress up like a trampy plumber" day.

What do bobbing for apples and excessive skin have in common? Halloween. Yes, one of the oldest holidays, which was once about bonfires and costumes to ward off the dead, has evolved into something else: a time to get your slut on — yes, I just wrote that.

While historically, Halloween revelries were about keeping evil away, they're now about how many men, who probably won't call you the next day, you can lure into your clutches with your ass and cleavage. Let's be honest, it's the one night a year dressing like a "working girl" is, by society's standards, tip-top behavior. If only we could get paid for it, too. 

Wet intimacy products conducted a survey that found 90% of people are all for bringing their Halloween costumes into the bedroom for a lil' fun, and 50% said they're willing to "take on a different personality" when doing so. A surefire way to spice up your sex life. Why we need Halloween for this, I don't know. Personally, every Thursday is "dress up like a trampy plumber" in my world.

Other statistics revealed that 42% like the "subtly sexy" costume look, while 49% go for the "creative" or "attention-grabbing" choice of costume. Not surprisingly, Sexy Schoolgirl is the most popular choice, with 22% donning the plaid mini and knee socks; Naughty Nurse also coming in at 22%, and Hot Cop rounding out the top three "sexy" outfits at 21.4%. Arrest me until it hurts, officer!

Takeaway? If there's any night to slut it up, it's Halloween. Boo.  

Do you like to dress slutty for Halloween? Why or why not?