Love Bytes: New Anti-HIV Gel Also Protects Against Other STDs

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Plus, 50 ways to tell someone you want to be more than friends.

Some people think that STIs are a way for some higher power to punish the wicked. Other people just want their junk to quit itching. The good news is that a gel being tested in Africa to curb HIV infection also does a pretty good job preventing herpes. Ideally, it will be marketed in the U.S. at some point in the near future. I hope they figure out a way to prevent people from spreading yawns. That stuff is contagious. (LA Times)

A really good way not to get a "social disease" is to abstain. A good way not to go crazy due to your abstinence is to self-experiment. Unfortunately, a Seattle pastor thinks masturbating makes you gay. I suppose you are touching the genitals of someone who happens to be of the same gender… (The Frisky)

"Oh baby you, you got what I need and you say he's just a friend…" Maybe your boyfriend is not just being jealous. Maybe you're actually too close with a guy friend. (Madame Noire)

But sometimes your boyfriend is kind of a jerk, and he deserves it. What happens when a lady's boyfriend doesn't want to cuddle or even sleep in the same bed? (Glamour)

Everyone agrees: Hotel sex is the best. Here are seven reasons why. Also, spending Starwood points is very sexy. (Em & Lo)

Saying "I like you" is daunting. Putting yourself out there can be scary. Here are 50 ways of showing you like someone rather that saying it. I'd go with making heart-shaped pancakes. (HowAboutWe)

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