Kate Bosworth Gets Physically Sick From Breakups, Too

Kate Bosworth Gets Physically Sick From Breakups, Too

And you thought you were the only one who gets vertigo when you get dumped!

Kate Bosworth, 28, looks much healthier and happier now then when she was dating Orlando Bloom back in 2006. We guess she's had enough time to deal with the split (hey, she did have hunk Alexander Skarsgard's shoulder to cry on for a bit there) and make peace with the ex she dated for four years who broke her heart. In fact, the Blue Crush actress (loved that movie!) recently revealed she was so devastated after their split, she suffered health issues. It's Over For Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth

She tells England's Sunday Times Style (via Us Weekly), "Oh, I definitely know the feeling of pain, that's for sure. You know when you put all your chips into something, and then it disappears? (The breakup) sent me into such pain, I think I had actual vertigo. I was like, 'Is this my new reality? Will anything be normal again?'"

Despite the pain she suffered, we're happy everything is looking much better for Bosworth.

"One day you wake up and think, OK, I'll never be the same, but I'll survive and I'll grow from it," she continues. Breaking Up Just As Painful As Being BURNED By Hot Poker, Says Study

While Bloom has moved on and married model Miranda Kerr, we're glad Bosworth is finding new joy with director, Michael Polish. The two love-birds met while working on the film, Big Sur, adapted from Jack Kerouac's famous novel. Polish has directed several films, including The Astronaut Farmer and Twin Falls, Idaho. We sure hope he doesn't give Bosworth another case of vertigo and wish them well in their new relationship!

Have you ever gotten sick from a breakup?

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