What Guys Think Links: Bring Back Schweddy Balls!

schweddy balls
Love, Self

Plus, why you need a spouse who can handle the zombie apocalypse.

Wow. Crazy days in world news. Gaddafi (pick your spelling) was killed, making his nurses very sad. Obama announced a most-of-the-way pullout from Iraq in two months. And Sammi and Ronnie are dunzo (for now). Finally, Schweddy Balls, our favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, is being boycotted in some stores because of its "vulgar" name. Word? That's why its namesake Alec Baldwin SNL sketch was so amazing. Take a deep breath and look at what men are thinking this week about sex, love, sex, relationships and sex.

It being the modern age and all, a lady should be able to ask a guy out. Em And Lo has their man panel take on a few techniques to making it not so weird. Maybe try one of those hand-written "check yes/check no/check maybe" notes. Everybody loves those.

But sometimes guys ask ladies out… in a very specific way. A very late-night way. And the ladies keep saying "yes" and regretting it. College Candy has their resident dude take on what happens when a booty call situation becomes untenable but irresistible.

You'd think that a friends-with-benefits situation would involve both parties being relatively competent at sex. But sometimes the young lady might be bad at that sort of thing, HowAboutWe specifies ways in which ways women can be bad (or criminally negligent) in bed. HowAboutWe is a team of people who know their stuff; they recently named me (@TomfooleryTM) one of their 10 best tweeps to follow for single peeps. Swag. Time to go drown some money in a bathtub full of champagne.

Both parties may be very good at doing stuff, but maybe their sex drives are not quite compatible. Good Men Project discusses what happens if she wants sex more than he does, and references the phrase, "Are you gay or something?"

Wildly divergent libidos do cause breakups. But Ask Men says that materialism may cause more. Couples that place greater importance on possessions are more likely to divorce, says a study. Here's a lil something from the Bible on that: "No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money."

Some dudes don't care about money, they just like hot chicks. A young man feels like a jerk for breaking up with his lady on account that she's not hot enough, and wants Dan Savage (via Nerve) to tell him he's cool. Good luck with that, youngster.

Many, many, many guys consider being "hot" to be a prerequisite and many, many, many gals have lists of less tangible qualities. It's a real Mars-Venus head-scratcher. My homey Jeffrey Platts wants you to know that your dating ideals may be imprisoning you. A real glass case of emotion.

Ladies like a confident man, right? Modern Man discusses how to be a more confident fella. Flexing your neck in the mirror doesn't help and I'm guessing that an all-natural male enhancer mayn't do the trick either.

Are very confident men more likely to cheat? Who knows? But Glo has a photo essay to at least describe what he's thinking about after he gets it on with a side chick.

And John DeVore, resident dude at The Frisky, has the only important question you'll ever need to help you decide on a future spouse: Will this person be any good in the case of a zombie apocalypse? You would guess that the sex after hacking a horde of undead roamers to greater undeath would be pretty outstanding. But what sort of spouse would you need in the case of a robot apocalypse?

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