Jessica Simpson Is Basically Selling Her Baby Announcement

Jessica Simpson Is Basically Selling Her Baby Announcement

Some mags say they've got her official announcement, but this mama is holding out for the big bucks!

Wait—Jessica Simpson hasn't admitted she's pregnant yet? Though it's obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes that the 31-year-old singer is trying her hardest to conceal a growing baby bump, the mother-to-be has yet to publicly announce her pregnancy to the world. What's stopping her? Oh, just a few hundred thousand dollars! Jessica Simpson Is Reportedly Pregnant!

According to the New York Post, Jessica is holding out for a hefty offer before she goes public with her big news. But exactly how much is the blonde bombshell hoping to rake in just by admitting what we all already know? A cool $500,000!

Her manager and father, Joe Simpson, who sometimes borders on the slimy side of things when it comes to promoting his daughters' careers, has been working the deal for Jessica. The plan is to close a half-million dollar deal with one of the tabloid weekly magazines for a pregnancy confession and baby photos down the road.

OK! Magazine already has the inside scoop, though. Sources close to Jess have confirmed the obvious and even shed some light on how the singer's pregnancy is progressing. Jessica Simpson Is Engaged To Eric Johnson

A close friend of the singer told the mag, "She joked, 'Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care. It's just sort of a rule with pregnant women.' But it was typical Jessica that she was making a joke of it."

Jess is engaged to former NFL player Eric Johnson, but the two have no immediate plans for a wedding. And we're guessing that any plans will be on hold even longer now that they're expecting!

"We're enjoying our commitment to each other," Jessica said recently. "We want to take our time ... We might elope if it gets to that point."

This has us wondering if she'll shop around a wedding special similar to ex-husband Nick Lachey, who recently married Vanessa Minnillo. The couple aired their special day on TV and no doubt made a pretty penny off the deal! And we all know Jessica is no stranger to having cameras follow her around. Newlyweds, anyone? Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: Newlyweds 2.0?

Do you think Jessica should wait for a big-money deal before she confesses? Or is it too late now that she's obviously pregnant?

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