Love & Beauty: What Is 'Drunkorexia?'


Plus, 8 surprising health and beauty benefits of sex. Also, are men wearing heels and purses now?

You've probably encountered "drunkorexia" before, you just didn't know it would ever have a name. It's the practice of restricting food calories to "save" them for alcohol, so you can get drunk without feeling guilty about it. It's something 16% of college women do, according to a new study, and the trend is growing. Sigh. (The Gloss)

We've all heard about the health and beauty benefits of sex, but this slideshow suggests there are even more than we thought, including healthier hair and an overall calming effect. Even us skeptics who read studies like this all day are pretty amazed. (YouBeauty)

The "Turn On" drink: a carbonated aphrodisiac drink that will "heighten your senses and intensify your pleasure." Would anyone like to be our guinea pig and report whether this actually works? (Turn On: A Love Drink

Lots of moms are outraged by the new pink-haired, tattooed Barbie. Come on, she's just going through a phase. We happen to love this style — from the sexy flower tattoos to the leopard-print leggings. (Yahoo! Shine)

It's terrible enough that us women are being goaded into wearing heels even if we don't feel like it, but are straight men wearing high heels now? Really? (The Frisky)

On that note, are they wearing man purses too? Apparently the man-bag is having a moment with celebs like Jay-Z. (The Daily Beast)

7 things white people don't understand about black hair. We love to be enlightened! (Madame Noire

10 of the hottest runway beauty trends to try NOW. (MSN Glo)

What celebrity perfumes really smell like. Brilliant. We always suspected Britney's Radiance reeks of Cheetos and Red Bull. (CollegeCandy)

10 best wet hairstyles for moms. I'm not even a mom and I find this list super-useful, due to ... occasional hair laziness. (Babble)

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