6 Best Single Female Halloween Costumes

6 Best Single Female Halloween Costumes
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Need a creative idea for Halloween? Check out these 6 hot costumes!

Halloween night is almost like being on vacation, no one expects you to dress or act like yourself. Cut loose, dress crazy and have fun! Here are the top 6 single female Halloween costume ideas for all you girls out there. 

Katy Perry – Voted one of the sexiest women alive… you can’t go wrong with looking like her for the Halloween party!  Think of all the colorful hair possibilities!

Wendy Davis – The Texas State Senator became an icon for women everywhere after her 11-hour fillibuster this year. Put on a classy skirt suit and some pink sneakers to dress like this passionate politician.

Mad Men - My go to outfit has always been a 60′s housewife. Something about gloves and pillbox hats always did me in. Dress up like Joan or Betty and maybe you’ll meet a Don Drapper…

The Twitter bird – Adding your twitter name can be a fun way to get some single guys names/twitter handles.

Sexy something – The “go to” Halloween costume in every other world-wide.  Think of any cartoon character, movie heroine, game or item. Add the word “sexy” before and hoist the girls up high. Tada! You are now a sexy game of Scrabble….

Twin Peaks – Strike up a conversation with a fellow David Lynch fan with this fun Halloween costume. Be Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks. She juzt oozes sex appeal. Keep your eyes out for an Agent Cooper.