Love Bytes: Why You Should Only Date Average Guys

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Plus, seven reasons video games are good for your relationship.

Rich guys cheat. Handsome guys cheat. Bad boys cheat. Guys with killer abs are crazy. Smart guys are emotionally distant. Fat guys may crush you in bed. Really funny guys have demons. Short guys have a chip on their shoulders. Ambitious guys are neglectful. What you need is a Luke Wilson. His character in Idiocracy was the most average of men and, therefore, according to a British study, the ideal guy. You should only date average guys. It's the truth. (The Stir)

If a guy buys a lady a nice dinner, she does not owe him anything sexual… even a hand jibber. However, once you're married, do you owe your spouse sex? And if he (or she!) is not getting it at home, should he (or she!) get to roam? (Huffington Post)

It seems like everyone has body issues these days and most of us blame that Kate Moss. The real 99% are somewhat physically "flawed" but should still really enjoy being naked. Ten reasons why. (Em And Lo)

We can't choose our bodies, but we can choose how we dress. And some of your partners dress like total morons. How do you let your guy (or girl!) know that those high-waisted dungarees make you want to voms? (Already Pretty)

You could trade a trip to the Macy's for a visit to Game Stop. Because gaming can be outstanding for your relationship. Seven reasons why. (The Frisky)

We have been hearing for years now that chivalry is dead. No one holds doors open. I haven't seen a guy lay his cape over a puddle in months. A gentleman rarely stands when his date stands up to powder her nose. Teens are unruly. And no one has any idea which dinner fork to use. However, here are nine reasons that civilization and classical manners are not completely dead. (Madame Noire)

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